5 Things to Know About Snap Twins

1. There are a variety of products for sale.

  • Necklaces which include pendants, beaded, and aromatherapy necklaces.
  • Leather banded and silver bracelets to be combined with snap charms.
  • A large variety of Snap Charms.  Add these to the necklaces and bracelets to to capture your mood or display things important to you.
  • Cute car aromatherapy diffusers. Add 2-3 drops of your favorite fragrance or essential oil and enjoy the smell and enjoy the smell for hours.

2.  The products affordable.  All jewelry is under $25.

3.  It is interchangeable jewelry.  Customize your jewelry by changing out a snap charm and now you have a different look.

4.  The products are unique and you won't find them at a store.  

5.  The company is owned by identical twins whose goal is to provide great customer service and provide products you will love!

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